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Working in our Guesthouse in Nikko

Our first projection

Which ended up being 2 projections

Didn't read the first part? Learn more about Nikko and this projection.

Interruption of the mapping session

At the beginning of the trip we asked ourselves how we should manage the projections.
Should we ask autorizations to do it? Or should we just go, project, and just stop if police come to us asking to stop?
Because we don't know anything about the places we are visiting, and because we are going to stay only 3 to 4 days at the same place, we decided to go for the option 2: project and see. We can't afford to get a "no"... We asked a friend (Hello Kento!) to translate to japanese a description of the project, that we would carry with us and show to people asking questions about what we are doing.
However, even prepared and with everything in mind, the projection moment is quite stressful!

As I said in the previous post about Nikko, the temple we choose is super isolated so we wouldn't bother anyone.
But at 2am a monk ran next to the temple, and didn't stop when we said hello... He even ran faster and started to clap his hands. David and I quickly looked at each others, and we agreed to pack everything and leave. The adrenaline of the situation was just telling us to leave fast.

Looking for a new place

So we went back to the guest house, discussed a bit, and decided we needed to find something different, as we didn't have the confidence to go back to the temple.
Also, as we have to project the next day, and won't have a lot of time to work on the mapping again, we have to find something simple.
Luckily... Just next to Nikkorisu, we have an interesting stone:

The poem stone and his surrounding Looking for a new place to project in Nikko, and we found this poem-stone.

Surrounded by restaurants only, we won't have any troubles to project at midnight as they will be closed.

Working on visuals

After working on the editor, we created some visuals for the projection.

We took a shader that David made on shadertoy, and reworked it. New colors, new mouvements, new customizations. As we are going to play the animation in a cube, we had a bit of work on UV remapping, in order to make the animation smooth on every side and every edge.
In the end, the animation was quite nice, and we started to map it on the midi pad we have.

Fluid animation from shadertoy by David Ronai Animation and visual reworked from shadertoy

Then we created some mushis, with a ghosty look, and mixed both creation on some mapping.
On the left, the stone, and on the right, a test on the temple mapping we previously did. Because you know... If we can avoid the monk...

Visual mapping on a cube for the projection on the stone. Visual mapping on multiple cubes for the projection on the temple.

Projecting on the poem stone

Still a bit stressful to go and project in the middle of the street like that, but in the end, everything went well.
We also used some "Work road" sign to make it quite official.

Installation and preparation for the projection on the stone in Nikko Installation and preparation for the projection on the stone in Nikko, with pokemon hunters in the back

When people saw us starting to project, some of them came to us to take pictures. Very good experience, and we received some good feedbacks too. Funny fact: The area contains a Pokemon gym: a lot of cars came, stopped, and fought for a while to leave 5-10minutes after.

David playing with midi controller Projection mapping in Nikko Florian Zumbrunn in front of the stone during the projection mapping

Temple, we are back

After the success of the projection on the stone, we talked a bit about going back to the temple or not. We decided to give it a try, and to see how it goes. If someone is here, and want us to leave, we will just leave right away.
So we went back. And on the way, we find a monk running towards us, and clapping hands. No need to say that at this point we were like "fuck, we are doomed... Are we stupid or what?!". But we stopped, and started to talk with him. We use the paper to make him understand what we were doing here and what we wanted to achieve. He looked at it, nodded a bit, and told us that there is also some differents temples that we may be able to use.
We realized that he didn't care much about us projecting, and that he was not bothered by it. Which is cool.
When we asked him what he was doing, running at 2am, he told us he is doing a footing of 6hours everyday.
At this point, we understood that he was already doing it the previous day, when we got afraid. Then he left us, stopped a bit to pray, by clapping his hands. Haha :)

The friendly monk

Sadly, we couldn't get very good footage of the temple.

Working and playing with midi controller A picture of the laptop we used to project
The projection on the temple

Have a look at our video!

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