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Working in our Guesthouse in Nikko

Fixing our battery and discovering Shirakawa-go,

A UNESCO preserved village

Shirakawa-go, a village in the middle of Japan

When we looked into the different places we could visit for our roadtrip, we saw a lot of images of cute old houses in Japan. Both David and I wanted to see them, as it seemed so unique and it smelled history.
Those houses are constructed in the architectural style known as gasshō-zukuri. If you have the opportunity to visit this area, we strongly suggest you to do so. When we debriefed about our roadtrip, we all agreed to say that it was one of the most beautiful and inspiring places we visited.
There is also tons of rice fields, and some really nice vegetation everywhere.
Shirakawa-go main street with the signs describing the UNESCO village Shirakawa-go, view from the top, we can see the house we are going to project on

Inspiring houses in shirakawa Inspiring houses in shirakawa
Inspiring mood in shirakawa Rice field and nature in shirakawa-go

Dealing with the battery

As we explained in the article about Kanazawa (COMING SOON), our battery suddenly stopped working when we wanted to project on the castle.
After a long debate, we decided to wait and deal with it in the next city we were going to visit. And the next one is Shirakawa-go. We got a bit scared when we arrived, because the town si really really small, and we were not sure to find someone to fix it properly. Happily, when it comes to think about it, in every villages there are some garages.
So... meet our heroes! Fixing the battery Fixing the battery, meet our heroes From the reaction of the mechanician who fixed our battery... We sucked hard with it. Like really hard. The fuel and the oil were mixing and the whole thing was leaking... Which triggered the motor security and locked everything.
In Kanazawa, we tried to fixed it by ourselves: we opened it, cleaned it a bit, tried to find the issue, but we couldn't do anything. We realized that outside of the computers, we were lacking a lot of knowledge, and the mecanic is really another world for us.
From this time, we took extra care of it. We were double checking how were packing it in the big suitcase we have: is it well handled? Is it looking at the good direction/side?
Thanks to this, we didn't had any more issues until the end of the roadtrip.

Finding the place to project on

Ok, now that everything is in order, we need to agree on a place to project.
After a bit of scouting, we ended up selecting an isolated but big house. It's gonna be perfect for multiple reasons, again:

  • - People who live nearby should not hear us.
  • - The house is unoccupied.
  • - The house is the style of shirakawa-go; awesome! Plus, we have multiple interesting angles.
  • - There is rice fields all around, which we love because we find the whole scene inspiring.
The isolated house we are going to do projection mapping on.

That's all for the description of Shirakawa-go.
Discover what we projected in the following article!

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