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Working in our Guesthouse in Nikko

Crafting our mapping tool

And testing our material in Nikko

Nikko, cute little town in the north of Tokyo

Surrounded by nature and close to Tokyo, Nikko was the perfect place to start the roadtrip.
This village is famous for his temples and for his numerous hiking trails. Starting here was for us a good way to get away of the energy of a big -and sometimes overwhelming- city. Nikko, temples and nature Nikko, temples and colors, feeding our creativity Nikko, colors and nature, very inspirational

Looking for a theme and some ideas

Before starting the project, we created some pinterest with some inspirations and images/ideas we loved.
After scouting some places in Nikko, we looked into those references again. One of them totally resonated with us, and it was: Mushishi reference for the projection mapping in Nikko It's coming from a manga called Mushishi, and was fitting with our desire to create something a bit spiritual. At this point, we knew we wanted to play with some lights, some little creatures and some spectral elements.
But we needed to figure 2 things after this... Is everything ok with our material (battery, projector)? And where are we going to project?

Starting to cross fingers while first trying our material

On our article about the material we bought, we talked about what we chose and why, but we still didn't try anything at this point. Many reasons here: a bit of lazyness, a lot of freelance work to finish to be able to focus on Tsuki8 during august, and the receptions of the items that was very late in July.
So... The decision of waiting to be in our first destination to try everything was a bit risky, and stressing.
Hopefully, after buying some fuel and oil, we successfully launched the battery, and then connected it to the projector. Everything went well, except some missing cable.
Thanks to our amazing host Hiro from Nikkorisou, we were able to find everything in the town!

David holding the fuel container to fill up the battery First battery try...! First battery try...!

Thanks to those tests, we came up with some importants rules to follow:

  • - The battery is noisy. We need to find some places far enough from people houses.
  • - The projector is powerful and bright, but not enought to be used during the day. The projections are going to be made by night.
  • - We will need to avoid to project on any occupied building, otherwise we are going to bother people who lives in.

Looking for a place

With those elements in mind, we started to scout for the best environment and a nice building.
Our favorite was, by far, this temple: it's isolated from everything. The only things around are trees, and another shrine.

First battery try...!

A bit of history: this temple is called Shihonryuji and is one of the first temple created in Nikko.

Time to dev: crafting some tools

From what we know, there is no mapping tools released in Javascript & WebGL. For Tsuki8, that's the techs we chose to use, mainly based on ThreeJS. That's why we started to brainstorm around what we will need for the first projection.
We conclude that at this time, a simple editor allowing us to add some sphere, cube and plane in a scene, and to modify their scale, position and rotation, would be perfect for us.
The version first version of the editor for the first projection mapping in Nikko At this stage, it was very basic. But the idea was to allow us to be efficient for our first try. We need to be able to map the temple quickly, and it totally fit his goal.
Still... We have a lot more features to add. It will be for the next days :)

Coding and mapping the temple directly First projection in Nikko with David Ronai, alias makio64, working on some mapping

However, this first projection was not without troubles, check out Nikko part2 to discover it!

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