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Working in our Guesthouse in Nikko


Discover what material we use and why we chose it

The projector

Finding the right projector is always a big deal in this kind of project. There is a lot of parameters keep in mind, and without selecting one that would fit our constrains, we might end up by not being able to project correctly.
Also, as we don't have a crazy budget like we could have on some client project, we limited ourselves to a maximum price of $1000.

Based on that we decided to find a projector with:
- High amount of lumens (>=4000): the more you have, the brightest the image will be.
- Full HD: to not see the pixel on the image when projected on very large zone.
- Reasonable contrast: 10k or more.
- A large diagonal and good throw ratio: to allow us to project on large zone while keeping the distance from our projection surface reasonable.
- DLP. The other choice would be laser, but it would give us a poor contrast. A good DLP have very limited rainbow effect, and... it's also cheaper :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is... The MH741 BenQ: 1080P, 4000Lumens, great Throw Ratio‎ and 300" of diagonal.
There is better on the market, but not really for our budget. BenQ - MHZ741

The battery

After choosing the projector, we were naively quite happy and relieved.
Not for long...
We realized that we were going to face a problem: how to aliment the 330Watts in the middle of nowhere.

We tried to find a good electric bank, because it's not too heavy, and easy to transport; but without investing tons of money and having a lot of disavantage (spending quite some time to reload it, and having only 30minutes of energy before running out), we understood it was not the best choice. That's why we chose to go for a generator using fuel.

We selected the yamaha ef9his which provides an output of 900Watts. From our calculations, we can keep the projector running for 8hours in normal mode.
Yamaha inverter fuel - ef9his It's still a bit expensive, heavy but not too much (13kg), and noisy, but the specs are just perfect, as well as the power it offers.
So far, it did a very good job!

However, even with this high standard model, with our lack of experience we managed to block it in Kanazawa. We think that we didn't take care of it properly while transporting it, turning it up/down by mistake, and it activated the security.
At this point we didn't know what would happen but an awesome mecanician helped us and fix it in Shirakawa-go :D

Our savior, the mechanician from Shirakawa-go

The cameras

We both have 2 personals cameras with us, that we used for the trip:
- A Panasonic Gx7 with a f1.7 prime lense, that allow us to be 'ok' in low light, and we shoot with it at full HD 30fps.
- A Canon 600D with a zoom lens, and we shoot at full hd at 25fps.

But it comes with some disadvantages... Both of them are not full frame, and don't have an awesome lense -especially the canon-, which makes this setup not to be the best to film in low light situation.
Without a scene with some good lighting around, capturing some good videos can be quite challenging.

We also bought 2 cheap tripods for the trip.

First projection in Nikko with David Ronai, alias makio64, working on some mapping

Midi controllers

To control the live show we use 2 midi controllers (Novation XL / Novation Launch PAD) to change the show in live wihout having to change stuff on our computer. Convenient, and fun!

Novation XL and Novation launch pad


To transport all that material we used samsonite bag who deserved a medals, as well as Mathis, our ninja assistant, who transported the 30kg of material (excluding our computers & cameras) during the all trip.
We also used this bag as projector support as we can rotate it easily and it's very stable and large enough.
Cheap but useful solution :)

First projection in Nikko with David Ronai, alias makio64, working on some mapping

Any questions?
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